No matter what type, size or budget a company has Bob has put together something for everyone.
Bob Massa is noted as one of the internet pioneers. He has been asked to speak at Internet conferences around the world.
Bob is the owner and founder of A unique search engine catering to niche communities.
The Basic Concepts of SEO
A straightforward guideline for implementing the same SEO techniques Bob uses for promoting his clients.
Blessed By Suing Google
Bob was one of the first individuals to take on the Google giant and their unfair trade practices. It took a lot of courage and determination. Even though SearchKing did not win its suit against the search engine mogul, his business kept thriving.
Bob's down-home approach is laced with brutal honesty while focusing on the lighter side of our industry. His humor and laymen's approach coupled with his experience makes listening to Bob very educational as well as entertaining.
Dr. Mahendra Nawaria

US woman fighting obesity gets surgery gift from father US woman fighting obesity gets surgery gift from father - The Times of India

Radha Sharma, TNN, Aug 14, 2010, 10.51pm IST

Surgery was preformed by:
General and Bariatric Laparoscopic Surgery
Dr. Mahendra Nawaria
Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India

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AHMEDABAD: US-based Ronda Anderson has come to Ahmedabad for the first time, on invitation from her father Bob who has gifted her a bariatric surgery so that her three-decade-old struggle with the bulge finally comes to an end.

Ronda weighs 130 kg and this 38-year-old says she remembers to be fighting the battle against bulge ever since she was a teen. "I have been on a diet almost all my life," says Ronda.

Be it the Cabbage diet, the Atkin's Diet, the GM motors, the South Beach diet, Ronda confesses to have been there, done that. She says she also tried all kinds of exercise. "I would lose 30 pound and the moment I slackened a little, I would gain 50 pound. I think I can put on a couple of kg only by looking at good food," Ronda says even as she makes light of her frustrating struggle.

Ronda's father Bob, who moved to Ahmedabad four years ago and runs a computer company called SearchKing, was impressed with the medical services and hospitals here and decided to gift a bariatric surgery to her only daughter and put a permanent end to her struggles.

"The surgery in the US costs over $50,000 and is not covered by insurance companies as they deem it as a cosmetic procedure, while in reality it is known that morbid obesity renders a person vulnerable to so many illnesses," Bob told TOI.

Bob said he invited her daughter to Ahmedabad as he was impressed with the quality of medical healthcare in the city. Ronda got operated wherein 80 per cent of her stomach has been cut off. "This is the safest surgery to lose weight as it will not lead to any issues of malabsorption. Ronda will lose all her excess weight in a year's time," says surgeon Dr Mahendra Narwaria, adding that the surgery in Ahmedabad cost Bob one-tenth of what it would have cost in the US.

In fact, Bob is now planning to set up a medical tourism wing to help people in her daughter's situation to get the surgery done here in Ahmedabad.

"I did not get this surgery done only for cosmetic reasons. I have blood pressure and infertility. Both the problems are likely to be resolved once I lose the excess weight," hoped Ronda.

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