No matter what type, size or budget a company has Bob has put together something for everyone.
Bob Massa is noted as one of the internet pioneers. He has been asked to speak at Internet conferences around the world.
Bob is the owner and founder of A unique search engine catering to niche communities.
The Basic Concepts of SEO
A straightforward guideline for implementing the same SEO techniques Bob uses for promoting his clients.
Blessed By Suing Google
Bob was one of the first individuals to take on the Google giant and their unfair trade practices. It took a lot of courage and determination. Even though SearchKing did not win its suit against the search engine mogul, his business kept thriving.
Bob's down-home approach is laced with brutal honesty while focusing on the lighter side of our industry. His humor and laymen's approach coupled with his experience makes listening to Bob very educational as well as entertaining.
SMX Conference New York City - Oct 5, 6, 7th 2009

    NYC-SMXconference102009 015.jpg - 655.99 K
    Bob has arrived

    NYC-SMXconference102009 019.jpg - 735.35 K
    NYC-SMXconference102009 020.jpg - 743.50 K
    NYC-SMXconference102009 011.jpg - 856.56 K
    Kathi, Bob and

    NYC-SMXconferenceOct2009 028.jpg - 442.09 K
    Our booth had a great spot on the floor, right inside the entrance.
    NYC-SMXconferenceOct2009 018.jpg - 451.10 K
    Great crowd
    NYC-SMXconferenceOct2009 044.jpg - 453.09 K
    During presentation. Before he threw money out in the crowd.

    NYC-SMXconferenceOct2009 053.jpg - 462.00 K
    During presentation.
    NYC-SMXconferenceOct2009 037.jpg - 450.57 K
    NYC-SMXconferenceOct2009 039.jpg - 451.17 K
    Making contacts after presentation.
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