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Bob's down-home approach is laced with brutal honesty while focusing on the lighter side of our industry. His humor and laymen's approach coupled with his experience makes listening to Bob very educational as well as entertaining.
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We are an Oklahoma SEO, (search engine optimization), firm located in Oklahoma City. We generate traffic from searches done in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. If someone needs to find a brain injury lawyer in Tulsa, we put you at the top for that search!

We focus on organic listings in search engines,(you know --- the free ones), because studies show that over 70% of all traffic goes to the top 10 results in the center of the page.

That is not to discount Pay Per Click advertising. There is no question that if you want to be found for a specific search phrase the next day, PPC is the way to do it. We manage and monitor PPC accounts like Google Adwords for any size budget.

Finally, placement in search engines are worth nothing if they do not convert into info requests that get you cases. That is why we offer a unique live chat program that virtually guarantees quality leads within ethical guidelines set by you.

You don't mind paying for services you need but you expect results from that service. Naturally, I can't guarantee I'll make you rich, but I can guarantee that I will do what I say I can do.

You don't establish the kind of reputation I have by NOT doing what you say you'll do. I run my life and my business with one basic philosophy:

  • I do the best job I can do!
  • I'm proud of what I do!
  • I do what I say I will do!

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