No matter what type, size or budget a company has Bob has put together something for everyone.
Bob Massa is noted as one of the internet pioneers. He has been asked to speak at Internet conferences around the world.
Bob is the owner and founder of A unique search engine catering to niche communities.
The Basic Concepts of SEO
A straightforward guideline for implementing the same SEO techniques Bob uses for promoting his clients.
Ahmedabad India
Bob opened an office in Ahmedabad India in July 2007. Techndu Techo Labs of India.
Bob's down-home approach is laced with brutal honesty while focusing on the lighter side of our industry. His humor and laymen's approach coupled with his experience makes listening to Bob very educational as well as entertaining.
20th September 2010

    Google's Birthday Party in Ahmedabad, India

    Bob cutting the Google cake
    I had the privilege of cutting the Google Birthday Cake at the:

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    by DominatingSEO a.k.a. Altaf Gilani
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    Google L & F 2010 was a big event in Ahmedabad, so I am thankful to organizers (Paavan Solanki & Bhavin Bhavsar) for putting their efforts together and delivering such a great event. I was surprised to see such a huge crowd in my city who are interested in SEO, and especially in Google. The crowd was mix of SEO professionals, designers, developers, HR and business people. I met some distinguished industry experts; one amongst them was Bob Massa.

    Altaf Gilani and Bob

    The event was for full day (2.00 PM - 8.00 PM), and had some good speakers which include Amish Gilani (my brother), Shivam Dhawan, Dilip Rajpurohit, Jignesh Gohel, Dipali Thakkar, Jaydip Parikh, & Kaushal Shah. The event gave insight into internet marketing, covering topics like how to make website search engine friendly, blogging habits, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics & PPC. Here is the schedule of the day:

    • Building Search Engine & User Friendly Websites - Mr. Dilip Rajpurohit
    • Effective Blogging and Google Adsense - Mr. Jignesh Gohel
    • Social Media Optimization - Mr. Jaydip Parikh
    • Google Analytics - Ms. Dipali Thakkar
    • Web Analytics - Mr. Amish Gilani
    • HTML5 & Web Analytics Implication - Mr. Shivam Dhawan
    • Quiz - Mr. Paavan Solanki
    • Google Adword - Mr. Kaushal Shah

    Overall, I gained some interesting learning and a whole lot of enjoyment from the event. I think it can be said the event was a success for the industry. Event was closed with a cake cutting Ceremony, followed with delicious dinner.

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