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Blessed By Suing Google
Bob was one of the first individuals to take on the Google giant and their unfair trade practices. It took a lot of courage and determination. Even though SearchKing did not win its suit against the search engine mogul, his business kept thriving.

By Emilie Haulenbeek
Durocher's OKC Business

When a small Oklahoma company filed suit against Internet magnate Google in October 2003, the wires lit up.

Computer whizzes and law buffs were abuzz--did SearchKing, an Oklahoma City-based software and Web site public relations firm--have a chance against the Web's top search engine? And more importantly, was the suit even valid?

As it happened, the answer to both questions was "no."

After Google filed a rebuttal in late December 2002, a U.S. District Court judge dismissed the case.

But Bob Massa, chief executive of SearchKing, couldn't be happier about the results--then and now.

"With us, one of the upsides of that whole thing was the publicity," Massa said, adding that traffic on his Web site increased dramatically as a result and he received tremendous exposure. "We never really intended to win. We wanted to recoup some of the losses for our customers."

Those losses, which are an arguable figure, are at the heart of a case involving the complexities of search engines and their use of links.

In its suit, SearchKing claimed that Google unfairly reduced SearchKing's Web sites' top rankings in search results, resulting in decreased traffic that was harmful to its clients' companies. But the story is rooted in PageRank, an algorithm Google utilizes to determine which Web pages will get top rankings. A PageRank is determined by the number of "quality" links a Web site has. Affiliation with top sites increases a Web site's PageRank.

In August, Massa realized that a PageRank number (ranging from zero to 10, the higher the better) could be altered by selling links from sites with high PageRanks. In fact, using his method, Massa was able to increase SearchKings's PageRank from a seven to a more valuable eight.

Based on his theory, Massa started PR Ad Network in August 2002, a company that specialized in promoting traffic by increasing Web sites' PageRank number. But the ceiling came crashing down when, later that month, the PageRank of SearchKing and all its affiliates plummeted. Google had gotten wind of the plan, apparently, and took quick action.

Despite the questionable basis of PR Ad Network, Massa was infuriated that his affiliates--including some who had nothing to do with PR Ad Network--were penalized. Many small businesses were assigned ranks of zero, which amounts to a death sentence in the world of search engines, Massa claimed in his suit.

These included sites like Our World of Dolls, Eye on Winnipeg and the African American Business Directory, which is operated by Kelvin Brown.

Massa sued for $75,000, but Google fired back in December 2002 with a powerful argument: its PageRank algorithm is commercial speech, protected by the First Amendment. It sought to show that even if Massa's claims of harm were true, Google had been completely justified in its actions. The suit was quickly resolved when the judge dismissed it.

In the year since the dismissal, SearchKing hasn't been struggling. Its client relations, by and large, have been repaired.

Brown, owner of KB Enterprises and operator of the African American Business Directory, remains a satisfied customer and feels he's gotten excellent service from SearchKing.

"It's all been very open," said Brown, a SearchKing customer since 2000. "He shared his knowledge openly and took the criticism that was offered and still came out on top."

With the PR Ad Network no longer in its former function, Massa said SearchKing is preparing to launch its goal products--software that companies can use to develop their own search engines, based on technology other than the currently popular "spider."

The company has grown from six employees to 16 and is hiring several ore software developers this summer. Mass wants to release the software within six months.

Meanwhile, SearchKing also is a site host and promotion firm for companies that sell everything from adult diapers to home refinancing packages. Seventy percent of its clients are outside Oklahoma, and many are international.

Despite the lawsuit's resolution, it's a problem that may well crop up again, albeit with different parties. Companies pay to be positioned well on the Internet, and Google isn't likely to be able to maintain a tight grip on the reins of e-commerce for long.

"I'm one of those people Google is afraid of. Clients hire me to make sure their Web sites come up high," he said. "Google claims they want to make everything fair and equal. Here's a company that did a billion dollars in advertising sales last year ... They want to be fair and equal as long as they get the lion's share of the fair."

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