No matter what type, size or budget a company has Bob has put together something for everyone.
Bob Massa is noted as one of the internet pioneers. He has been asked to speak at Internet conferences around the world.
Bob is the owner and founder of A unique search engine catering to niche communities.
The Basic Concepts of SEO
A straightforward guideline for implementing the same SEO techniques Bob uses for promoting his clients.
New Home of the seo outsourcing solutions Capitol of India
Google Case 1 >>
In a much-too-common case of a big organization monopolizing the marketplace, an Oklahoma City e-news company is taking its battle with Internet-giant Google Technologies, Inc. to the courts.

Google Case 2 >>
In August 2002, PR Ad Network began placing text ads for businesses on web sites with a high PageRank from Google. According to the lawsuit, once Google became aware of this, it lowered Techdnu's PageRank and the ranking of the web sites it hosts.

Blessed by Suing Google >>
"The Internet is not going anywhere. It's only going to get more prevalent with each passing day," he said. "It changes quickly, and if you're not in a position to be able to capitalize on those changes, you'll be left behind."

King of its domain >>

Web site sues over Google 'blacklist' >>
Google Inc.'s mysterious methods for ranking Web sites came under attack Friday in a lawsuit accusing the online search engine leader of ruining scores of Internet businesses that have been wrongfully banished from its index.

Web Sites Try Everything To Climb Google Rankings >>
Techdnu filed suit against the search company (Google) in federal court in Oklahoma, claiming that Google "purposefully devalued" Techdnu and its customers, damaging its reputation and hurting its advertising sales.

Interview mentioning Bob Massa and Text Brokers >> was the first to openly sell text link ads specifically to improve PageRank and search engine results. Owner Bob Massa launched the "PR ad network" within in August of 2002, offering to broker text link ad deals between potential buyers and sellers.

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